Top 10 best Math puzzles for kids

Math puzzles are a very good ingredient for your kids to grow their mental ability. Puzzles like jigsaw help your kid to improve mathematical ability and reasoning. In this post, I am going to review the top 10 best math puzzles for your kids.

Puzzles are very beneficial for your kids, it has a lot of advantages compared to computers or video games.

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Benefits of Puzzles for kids-

Play With Families – 

Puzzles are a great way to engage family members like Dad and mom with the kid. You can create bonds, have fun and improve your mental ability

Stay Away from Video games – 

Puzzles help your kids to stay away from computers and video games. This helps your kids to remain active and learn

Easily Stored –

A puzzle is easy to store and can be carried during travel. This makes it a reliable travel partner, especially in cars.

Helps Your kid – 

With puzzles, your kid improves gross and great motor skills, better hand-eye coordination, good  attention, mathematical, and analytic skills.

Best Gift Choice – 

Puzzles are a great choice to gift your friends and relatives. The kids and their parents will love it.

Top 10 Best Puzzles for Kids

Wooden Tetris Puzzle with a Storage Bag – WOOD CITY Tangram Puzzles for Kid & Adult – Montessori Brain Teasers Toys for Kids ages 4-8 – Colorful Blocks Game – 40 Pcs STEM Educational Gift for Toddlers – 

Wooden Tetris Puzzle-min
Picture – Amazon

This is the #1 bestseller items on Amazon as a Math puzzle for kids. This puzzle board has 40 pieces of interesting 3D Russian pieces and a storage bag. This is a board game.

You can piece collectively different sequences with 40 pcs wooden blocks, like traditional Tetris pattern, human, robot, flower, and plane, the eye-catching, and lovely design. It will bring you endless happiness and memories.

It can help improve fine motor skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and basic cognitive skill for kids. You kids will be calm and relax.

Kids will love it and hence stay away from screen time. It also makes a great gift item for Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other occasions.

This is a great gift item for both adults and kids.

Coogam Wooden Hexagon Puzzle for Kid Adults – Shape Pattern Block Tangram Brain Teaser Toy Geometry Logic IQ Game STEM Montessori Educational Gift for All Ages Challenge

Coogam Wooden Hexagon-min

It is a Geometric IQ Play: Unlimited opportunities for kids and adults for building blocks. You can figure out added solutions to make wonderful works of art. You have to fill the pieces in the bottom plate and you are the winner!

It has 7 colors and 14 pieces of mixed shape blocks that make a great brain puzzle.

It is made of natural and fresh basswood beside high quality and soft surface. It is nontoxic and a great alternative for tablet games.

The simplest design with brilliant colors helps to ignite any creation and creativity. Making shapes and patterns give a better opportunity to exercise fine motor skill, hand-on coordination, spatial reasoning. 

It is a great puzzles for beginners and experienced.

It has 60+ puzzles for 3 years + old kids. Kids can play with their friends and make new ones. It can help to build a parent-child relationship. IT can easily fit into small hands.

Proof! Math Game – The Fast-Paced Game of Mental Math Magic – 


This match puzzle is the #1 choice for teachers for the math section. You can enjoy it at home or at school.

You can practice multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and square roots. It is an excellent brain game practice for kids and adults.

It includes 100 number cards taken for maximum fun, with more easy-to-use weaker numbers.

It is a perfect gift for 2-6 players and any age kids or adults can play it. 

proff what is the box-min

CHILHOLYD Learning Toys Math Toy Montessori Preschool Learning Educational Counting Game Numbers and Symbols Math Skills Colorful Fridge Kindergarten Educational Tools Math Blocks

CHILHOLYD Learning Toys-min

This is a great gift for 5 years + old kid as it is small can be easily fit in small hands. You have numbers and symbols which can help kids to learn divide, subtraction, Addition, and multiply.

It has numbers from 0-9. It is a great tool for homeschool and schools. 

It can also easily be used on a magnetic board like Fridge or whiteboard. As it is made from non-toxic material, it is a great choice as a gift for small kids too.

Memory Mathematics game begins early math abilities including number identification and basic addition and subtraction. By balancing the sum to its solution, the kid earns useful knowledge of mathematic fundamentals.

It develops and enhances the coordination strength of baby hands, eyes, ears, and various parts of the body, thereby increasing skill, developing children’s intelligence, using children’s standard brain skill, and providing children a pleasant childhood that will never be disregarded.

Acquiring toy games competitively can contribute additional assistance of focus, helping children to focus on the task at hand while they play the puzzle. Successful matching gives a huge boost of self-esteem to compensate for that focus.

Learning mathematics can be a difficult process, but games are a helpful, fun introduction to the basic abilities your child needs before going on to more complicated mathematics. This puzzle can benefit any child to believe more positive and certain when approaching knowledge and responsibilities.

Educational Insights BrainBolt – Brain Teaser Memory Game, Puzzle Game For Ages 7 to 107│Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Educational Insights BrainBolt-min

BrainBolt is the amazing light-up memory game from the game specialists at Educational Insights. It is the perfect puzzle for age 7+.

How to play BrianBolt-  You can test your brain by memorizing the light sequence and tracking along for as long as you can without disrupting the pattern. It is not that easy. 

Kids can play it alone or with their friends. Brainbolt can be easily taken during travel. It requires 3 AAA batteries.

This puzzle needs time to play, so your kids can be away from the screen for a longer time.

As this game is a visual one, you can play it irrespective of any language.

You can watch the lights and follow, recognize, and see how long you can follow the pattern before committing a mistake. It has a timed mode for faster games and an advanced mode for specialist players.

Logic Puzzles for Clever Kids: Fun brain games for ages 4 & up Paperback

logic puzzles-min

These mind exercise games and logic puzzles for kids will engage young minds and creativity having lots of fun.

Highlighting more than 50 brain games that come in 7choice including arranging in sequence, patterns, relationships, and reasoning. This set of logic puzzles deliver fun for your little child to build their review and analytical reasoning skills.

With this puzzle you can:

  • Challenging yourself ― Retain even the most intelligent kids engaged with hard but decent puzzles, with hints that help you get linked too.
  • Chances to learn―It will help you 4+ years old kid to discover and understand the pattern, resemblances.
  • Interesting images―Kids will find it interesting with lots of picture and illustrations.

Get youngsters away from a screen and focused on brain-boosting fun with this book of logic puzzles for kids.

logic puzzle 2-min

Plugo Letters by PlayShifu – Word Building with Phonics, Stories, Puzzles | 5-10 Years Educational STEM Toy | Interactive Vocabulary Games

plugo building kit-min

Plugo Letter is an Augmented reality word building kit that connects hands-on learning and strong screen-time. You can spell with alphabet tiles to improve your vocabulary and improve English grammar with story-based games. 

    It is perfect for ages 4 to 10. Plugo has 5 mind games and 250+ levels that make getting super fun (no in-app purchases). Also, the app adjusts these games to the child’s grade from pre-K to class 5.

You can focus on your grammatical, reading, comprehension, cognitive, and machine skills. Learn spellings, word practice in sentences, grammar, and language ideas like nouns, verbs,etc.

The game contains a Letters Trunk and 48 letter tiles. Spell with tiles on the Trunk, and set them all inside to store away. It begins with the Plugo gamepad, a foldable mat with inbuild magnets to hold the Plugo kit on one side, and your device goes in the slot on the other side. Hands-on learning without touching the screen.

You can play it on Ios, Android, Amazon Kindle, and on ipads.

Read to spell new words with pronunciation and enhance your vocabulary and word practice in sentences. Arranged with stories, letters, poems.

reason to love plugo letters-min

FAQ about Plugo:

  • You do not need batteries, Bluetooth or any other extra hardware to play it
  • It is available in English, Japanese, French, and German
  • Plugo comes with a foldable gamepad
  • You just need the internet the first time when you connect to app. You can play it offline after that.

Lewo Wooden Puzzles Counting Toys Preschool Montessori STEM Educational Math Toys Shapes Sorting Fine Motor Skills Toy for Kids 3 4 5 Years Old

Lewo Wooden Puzzles-min

It is a counting game. Lewo math game comes with 1 wooden board, 5 wooden stakes, 6 double sided pattern cards, 24 arithmetic card, 35 rings, 1 storage bag. It is a great mathematical toy for kids to learn. The storage bag will help to store the puzzle in a convenient way and keep your room tidy.

How to play: 1. Insert the stakes on the board; Choose the number to be determined from the arithmetic card; Group rings of different colors on the stakes according to the formula. 2. Place the rings into the bags of the same color. 3. Balance the ring and pattern cards to finish the picture

Classifying colors of the rings, numbering the pieces, piling rings, selecting the colors. Or create various patterns with colorful circles, such as letters, numbers, flowers, etc. Let children imagine easily. It is a great wooden educational toy that kids never get bored with.

It has bright colors that will boost brain development, invite your kids to play. Improve hand-eye coordination, excellent motor skills, color identification, matching, counting skills, brain reasoning, adaptability, simple mathematical calculation ability when play.

It is a perfect gift for a 3+ year kid.

Lewo toys are created to fire intelligence, encourage exploration, and support the natural curiosity that drives continuance learning. From classic wooden toys to imaginative crafts for all ages, 

Lewo how to play-min

CozyBomB Educational Montessori Toys for Toddlers – Wooden Puzzles Blocks Number Stacking Best Preschool Learning Activities Shape sorter Math Game Counters Baby Kids Girls Boys Ages 3 4 5 Years Old

CozyBomB Wooden Puzzles Blocks Learning Toy arrives with an unusual styled of 1 Wooden board with 10 added pegs, 9 Mixed and beautiful Wooden shapes, 10 colorful and enlightened Wooden numbers, and 55 Wooden rings where various places to set them on.

tIt is a good puzzle for preschool toddlers to find alphabet, math, shape, and understand clock at homeschool. Adding numbers and making equations, pairing shapes, accumulating rings, and changing the clock.

The education toy can perform 4 custom games at a time on the wooden board. This Montessori toy can even help as a training game, sorting game, counting, matching, and puzzle game.

CozyBomB shape ordering toys for toddlers 1-3 practices strong wooden pegs, water-based paint, and rounded bright edges to ensure the 3-year-old kid is safe.

A perfect gift for a 2-6 years old kid.

The color patterns as rainbow, toddlers can spark imagination by this wooden color sorting puzzle. The shades of numbers, shapes, and rings can be paired collectively. Kids ages 3-5 years old or beyond can have fun and appreciate playing with the wooden number puzzle in learning time.

CozyBomB how to play-min

Lydaz Wooden Puzzles Counting Toys, Montessori Preschool Learning Educational Math Toys for Toddlers, Matching Shape Sorter Stacking Stem Fine Motor Skills Toys for 3-Year-Olds and Up

Lydaz Wooden Puzzles-min
  • Piling the colors circle on the wooden sticks and balance the numbers to uncover the fundamental math. Also, learn counting with wooden chips
  • Pair colors circles with five cartoon cards to finish the picture. Also likely to take out the colors circle independently and placing it in different shapes.
  • Early Educational – Promotes hand-eye coordination and creative ability. Improve the brain’s thinking, adaptability, and operational expertise.
  • It is an excellent Gift for Preschool Education. The easy design and light colors make children fascinated, also reading math elementary addition and subtraction.
  • Reliable materials – Non-toxic and simple education wooden toys. Every part of the material is glossy, light, and delicate

TOYVENTIVE Wooden Peg Puzzles for Toddlers 

TOYVENTIVE is a wooden puzzle with 6 fun activities stacked in a rack for convenient storage.

It is full of interactive and enterainment activity. Also, it is made up of non-toxic wooden materials, so it is safe to use for toddlers.

The wooden knob puzzles are created to promote teaching motor skills, counting, cognitive, color, hand-eye coordination, and design identifying abilities to kids, they spark creativity.

includes alphabet puzzles, wooden number puzzles, shapes, vehicles, and fruits, vegetables, as well as a puzzle stand for kids and an activity book. Puzzles pieces have been created with separate pegs for all and images below each puzzle piece for simple and efficient matching.

It is a great gift item for boy, girl, or any special ocassion. As it also come with stack rack, so it can be easily stored in the kid’s room without any mess.

Final Conclusion on Best Math Puzzles For Kids

Well, personally I highly recommend to buy one or other math puzzles for kids. It will not only help them with maths as a subject but also help to improve motor skills, mental ability and problem solving abilities.

It is also a great option to gift instead of chocolates or any other toys.

A family can reunites and spend quality time using these puzzles. Please comment which one is your favourite.

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