Best Crossword Puzzles For Kids

Crossword is a great way to engage kids and learn at the same time. In this post, I am going to talk about the best crossword puzzles for kids from Amazon you must-have for your kids.

So let’s find what is a Crossword – According to Wikipedia – 

A crossword is a word puzzle and word search game that usually takes the form of a square or a rectangular grid of white- and black-shaded squares. The game’s goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving clues, which lead to the answers.

So Crossword is a sequence of words with some clues and you have to find the correct word. It can be across or top to bottom. 

For kids, it can be more fun with the words hunting; like Words maze, Find personality names, jumbled words, riddle words, hide and seek search.

How Crossword puzzles can help kids:

Family time – When kids will play the Crossword quiz, they will spend more time with family and stay away from the screen.

crossword puzzle

Word Vocabulary – Kids can learn a new world and increase their vocabulary and love English as a subject.

Less screen time – Kids stay away from TV an iPad, so they spend less tie with the screen

Confidence – After solving a crossword puzzle, kids will feel confident and satisfied.

Good memory –  Crossword puzzle helps kids to memorize and remember words.

Problem-solving skills – Cross puzzles also help kids to learn problem-solving and analytical skills

Command on language – When you learn new words, you will get command of English as a language and will be ready for the future.

So let’s talk about the best Crossword puzzles for kids –

The Everything Kids’ Puzzle Book:

Everyday kids puzzle book

The best and #1 bestseller for kids Crossword puzzles. It has more than crossword, you can have maze games, word games, animal puzzles, decode the secret messages, and more.

It is a great puzzle to keep in the car for the kids during your trips

You will get a picture game, unscramble words, and many more.

Great for age 7-12 years.


This Crossword puzzle is for kids 8+ years with lots of fun and learning. Even teens can enjoy solving puzzles from this book.

crossword for kids 8 years

With 100 puzzles and above, you can educate and increase your vocabulary at the same time.

Advantages – 

  • Drafted by native English speakers, a class book
  • Easy to read with clue options
  • Puzzles for the family
  • The book starts with easy puzzles and slowly move to advanced one
  • 100+ puzzles for all age group
  • It covers a large variety of subjects
  • Best for Grade 2 to 5 to increase vocabulary
  • Even teen or 12+ years kid will enjoy it

101 Fun Crossword Puzzles for Kids – (Age 6 -10) –

101 puzzles is a fun-filled activity for the whole family! It is a great book to learn and at the same time entertainment. Your kid will improve the vocabulary as well as learn new words.

101 fun crossword

• Created by professional and native English speaking authors

•Bigger puzzles have clues with pictures

• 3 level challenges with easy to hard stages

• Kids will improve mental ability and problem-solving

• Complete family can play together

These puzzles also help to be competitive and keep you relax and calm.

I love the certificate on the last page which can be given to the kid to celebrate the completion.

Ultimate Puzzle Challenge

This is a 256-page challenging and competitive puzzle book. This is perfect for 8-12 years. The book is splitting with a broad variety of mind-blowing, super-challenging picture puzzles and original word puzzles, all inspired with a taste of funny puzzle that will make kids need to continue on puzzling

It also consists of engaging illustrations and brilliant photos. Kids will love the challenges of words and spellings here.

I love the quality of the book, high quality binding makes it perfect for long term use and also for traveling or home schooling.

The Ultimate Puzzle Challenge is great for the complete family. Young kids can discover colors, numbers, letters, and secret pictures while more experienced kids and adults work on further complicated features of the challenges. Overall, I will suggest this book.

Totally Awesome Mazes and Puzzles: Over 200 Brain-bending Challenges

This book as an awesome 200+ brain-twisting puzzles. Some of the examples are Complete word searches, number puzzles, connect-the-dots, and matching games. You will love the fun twist and maze puzzles. You will love Peter the plumber at every stage and you have to help them to find difference with the picture and many more puzzles.

Perfect for 6-9 years old kid.

Features –

  • Extra 200 Astounding ACTIVITIES: Hundreds of fun and play to enjoy!
  • Varieties of Puzzles: Matching games, number puzzles, connect-the-dots, word puzzles, mazes, and more!
  • Enjoy it for ANY OCCASION: Holiday, summer holiday, School days, rainy days, snowy days, lazy weekends, road trips, and more! great items for gifts
  • PARRAGON ACTIVITY COLLECTION: Special Puzzle collection of Parragon
  • All puzzles include the answer key

Word Search for Kids Ages 8-10: Practice Spelling, Learn Vocabulary, and Improve Reading Skills With 100 Puzzles

Raising a child and to make him successful and confident is not an easy task.

It needs language skills, fast pace reading, better marks, more self confidence, perfect writing, a bigger vocabulary and correct spellings.

However, learning all the above skills are not easy with the school as it is boring and repetitive in the classroom.

A Crossword puzzle can do it for you.

By giving your child this crossword activity game, you will increase their English language skills without boring them.

Your kid will learn new words, find similar ones, and remember spelling with so much ease. They will have higher chance of getting good grades in all subjects.

Here is why this activity is so special?

  • A huge 100-word search puzzles -Even if your child learns 2 puzzles per day, it will be fun for 60 days.
  • Materials that increase your child’s understanding of the world – You will see everything in this book, from Home to sea 🙂
  • A lively mix of light and complex words in every puzzle – This book has easier as well as a tough quiz to keep the fun going
  • A solution key at the end of the book – All the answers have been given in the end to check how you did
  • Special BONUS!

This book is a classic gift for boys and girls aged 8-10 years, but it can give joy to the whole family!

Word Search 101 Puzzles Large Print: Fun & Challenging Puzzle Games for Adults and Kids

Experience hours of entertainment with these classic word search puzzles.

Word Search 101 Puzzles Large Print

This book is printed in large fonts (8.5” x 11” Large Print), easy to read, and especially for Crossword puzzle lovers.


  • 101 exciting and amazing puzzles
  • 30 extending words per puzzle
  • Easy-to-read big font
  • Interesting themes

Personally I love word searching puzzles. This book is equally good for adults or kids. The large print makes it easier even for grandparents to play this with kids.

Perfectly Logical!: Challenging Fun Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles for Smart Kids

This is fun with a definite significant reasoning puzzle, best for ages 8-12 years.

Perfectly Logical!: Challenging Fun Brain Teasers and Logic Puzzles for Smart Kids

This is a brain game that is a great way to train and exercise the brain while having fun at the same time. Perfectly logical puzzles are a mix of logical reasoning skills with 100 challenging puzzles. It has easy to hard puzzles.

This Puzzles includes –

  • A mixture of brainteasers―You will have the opportunity to solve logic grids, crosswords, secret codes, cryptograms, Sudoku puzzles, and more. 
  • Skillful puzzles―Encourage your child to be a well-rounded logical scholar with games that sharpen complex reasoning skills, like problem-solving, memory and processing activity, and conceptual thinking.
  • Directions and examples―Obtain clear instructions on how to perform each activity, with practical examples and advice for getting started on the best foot.

Encourage your child’s brainpower with pleasant and informative logic puzzles for kids!

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